Adam Benito Lopez

16-5, 6 KO’s
5′ 8″ / 173cm
Bio: Adam Benito Lopez and these are the pieces of my life as a professional fighter.

Lopez’s relationship with boxing was conceived in the light ofthe relationship, and love, I had for my father as a kid. Before I even knew what boxing was or how it would end up changing my life, the spirit of my dad behind the sport is what was being pumped through my veins and mind.

I was eight or nine when I first laced up gloves; my brother and I would each grab a right or left glove from my father’s pair and punch each other out – life was light. I was ten years old when I laced up my own gloves and entered into a committed relationship with boxing on my own terms. My strong willed mother, who had watched my father endure themental and physical trauma that comes with the path of a fighter walks, has allowed my brother and I to enter into the world of boxing. Even as a kid, I realized the level of independence and dedication that boxing was going to take.

I was twelve years old, one hundred and ten pounds when I finally got a taste of a sanctioned fight.This moment had been premeditated for years, I can still remember walking in to what felt like an arena – when in actuality was a gymnasium at a parks and rec. Surrounded by my mother, brother, and uncle at the time where my father wasn’t able to be present. I was young but sure of myself – I had what I needed – life was loud but I learned